Francois de Jager (Evangelist)

CEO of the Ministry

About Us


Salvation to Every Nation (STN) started in 2005 under the leadership of evangelist Francois de Jager.

Salvation To Every Nation is an evangelistic ministry.




Our first priority is to evangelise.

Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature"

Background – Francois de Jager

Evangelist Francois de Jager is the founder and Leader of Salvation to Every Nation,

a Ministry that focuses on Evangelism, and EvangelismTraining. Since 2005 Francois has spoken to more than 242 639 people about Jesus Christ.

Francois came to know Jesus personally at the age of 17. He had an encounter with Christ that changed his life forever! Francois understands the hearts of young people because he himself came out of a broken home. He was involved with sex before marriage, alcohol abuse & drugs. He was also a member of a gang, that robbed people, and also spend some time in jail for ‘attempted murder but the charges were dropped and he was released. Jesus came and filled that emptiness that he tried to fill with all the wrong things.

Francois’ evangelistic ministry, Salvation to Every Nation, specializes in Evangelism and Evangelism Training.

“My heart’s desire is to see at least one evangelist in EVERY AFM Congregation – Trained, equipped, mentored, and released to Evangelize. But the aim is that the Evangelist will be in a very close working relationship with his/her Pastor.” (Francois de Jager)

The goal is to establish this working relationship between the Pastor and Evangelist to win their immediate area and own city/town for Jesus. But instead of just reaching out, we want to train the Evangelist, Church members, Pastor, etc to do thorough and systematic follow-up and Discipleship of those new converts. Communities must be saved and Churches must grow. That is what the relationship between the Pastor and Evangelist must produce.

Part of the training to achieve this will be a 6-point plan that will include: Members, helpers, evangelists, teachers, encourages, and intercessors.